About us

Every child is unique

That is why we made Automatus, an adaptive solution to train math fluency.

Many small steps can take you far too.

Eerste stapjes tijdens het leren wandelen

Our mission

Build applications that help learners grow.

Unleash the potential of every child

With the right solutions, every child will find his way.

Team Automatus

Testimonial picture Seppe

“The biggest driver for me was being able to have a positive impact on the development of children. How great would it be if we could help pupils to grow more. Automatus does exactly that.”


“Giving every child the opportunities they deserve motivates me enormously. I gives me a lot of energy”


Our values

One size does not fit all

Every child has different needs and shoe sizes. Imagine if we all had to wear the same shoe size. At Automatus we give every child a ‘shoe’ that fits. In other words, education tailored to the child.

Progress over perfection

Instead of emphasizing where a child is not yet, we focus on what a child already can.

This positive reinforcement is know as the Pygmalion effect and has a positive impact on learning outcomes.

Feedback to get forward

Children learn best when they receive prompt feedback. Without or with late feedback, the learning opportunity is often lost. Fast & targeted feedback makes you grow.

You wanna see it with your own eyes?

Have a look, try Automatus for free.

Exercising without goals

Hi, I’m Seppe and together with my father Marc I want to make math fluency fun.

First things first.

We gathered over 1.000 opinions from teachers [including the one from my mom :)] what challenged them the most during math fact training.

We discovered that the main challenge was the kids’ motivation, or well, the lack of motivation. 

I can’t blame them.

How long do you stay motivated while doing something that you already can? 

Not long.

How long do you stay motivated whithout knowing why you have to do something?

Probably even less.

Motivation arises when you find something fun, relaxing, when you try to achieve something or when the activity feels meaningful to you. 

Making goalless exercises are not fun and